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Buried or cremated after death? Or? Two Questions

October 21, 2009 05:17PM
Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 6 – 1989:

Of what significance is it for the organism of body if it is buried or cremated after death?

Answer by Martinus:
Both these forms of disposing of dead animal organisms are highly imperfect phenomena, since they both constitute and assault on the cycle of life itself. There are only provisional arrangements existing excluseively by virtue of the imperfection or, seen from a cosmic point of view, still low stage of modern culture. The only thing that can be burned without creating conflict in or interuption of the cycle of life is mineral substance, whichhere means substance that has dried out naturally and is therefore totally free of moisture. To burn animal substance is to burn life or living beings, even though they are, in relation to us, only micro-life or micro-beings. The ultimate xonsequence of this is that cremation is a breach of the fifth commandment, ”Thou shalt not kill”, and to a corresponding extent is a contributory cause of the removal of any protection against a similar fate for its originator.

In a higher culture of the future, by virtue of the far higher respect for everything living one will have there, one will treat all corpses in sucha way that they will undergo a process through which the life of the substance is allowed to die out in a natural way. By hermetically sealed isolation from everything that can produce rotting, and likewise from unsuitable temperatures and fire, indeed from everything that can produce unnatural decomposition, one will create conditions so that the substance or corpse will pass from its animal state to the mineral state, and only here be helped to decompose by unnatural means.

Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 6 – 1989:

When one has only the possibility of either ordinary burial or cremation, which of the two forms for decomposition should one choose?

Answer by Martinus:
Of the two forms of decomposition mentioned, the ordinary burial would be the least evil, and is therefore to be prefered.

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» Buried or cremated after death? Or? Two Questions

Martinus October 21, 2009 05:17PM

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