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Is there a non-mediumistic connection between us and the socalled "dead"?

October 25, 2009 02:27PM
Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 5 – 1986:

Does a natural, non-mediumistic connection exist between living and so-called ”dead” things?

Answer by Martinus:

Between the living and ”the dead” there is a very great essential and active connection. At death a being's awake, physical day-consciousness is transferred to its night-consciousness, which constitutes the same being's day-consciousness on the spiritual or psychic plane. As physical beings' day-consciousness during normal deep sleep is also transferred to their night-consciousness, they find themselves during this physical sleep in a condition where they have awake day-consciousness on the same plane as ”the deceased”. The living and ”the dead” can then here continue the mutual interchange of thought and the desired time together they can no longer have on the physical plane. Vital ideas, warnings, advice and guidance are mutually exchanged on a considerable scale between the beings of both planes. And even if the memory of such a spiritual time together and the experiences connected with this are totally lacking in the physical day-consciousness when such a being wakes up after sleeping, it will nevertheless be planted in this being's subconsciousness and in given circumstances or situation be transmitted from this to his awake physical day-consciousness. It will then, in an intuitive way, fertilize the thought world of the said being with the knowledge and the spiritual or psychic material which was the essential content of the spiritual time together.

In this way all living beings stand in a harmless and protected relationship with the spiritual world. Death is not the great separation from the beloved ”departed” or those one is fond of that people here on earth generally imagine. This will gradually turn into a living perception or knowledge that will the pessimism which, with despair, tears and depression, today turns a funeral or burial into a ceremony of lamentation in black, black and more black will be changed in such a way that the funeral becomes what it should be – a celebration of congratulations and light. Natural death will always be a release from the restriction of life-experience and the resulting mental prison which the connection of an immortal spirit to the disabled, defective or decrepit organism, unsuitable for the experience of life, must be said to be. Such a release should not be lamented but congratulated.
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» Is there a non-mediumistic connection between us and the socalled "dead"?

Martinus October 25, 2009 02:27PM

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