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Does suicide cause a dark fate?

November 06, 2009 04:27PM
Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 2 – 1985:

Does suicide cause a dark fate in the spiritual worlds or in one's next incarnation?

Answer by Martinus (1951):

As the capacity to experience life is maintained and renewed solely through the experiencing of experiences, all this experience, whether it appears as pleasant or unpleasant, as light or dark fate, becomes the life-basis for every living being's eternal experience of life. As suicide, where it is not through unsoundness of mind, is always an attempt at freeing oneself from a dark fate or dark experience one has encountered, then it is in reality a sabotage of the normal and absolutely necessary renewal of life. But as suicide in the absolute sense cannot take place, because no living being can truly die either by his own hand or at the hand of others since any such attempt can only affect or destroy the physical organism, then suicide is only a further addition of yet more dark fate to the already existing bleak mental condition which drove the being to suicide. Instead of being freed from its dark fate the being's condition becomes exacerbated by the suicide.

As suicide can only be promoted by a combination of thoughts whose collective final result for the being in a given moment is total depression, then this depression or this evil from which the being is trying to free himself through suicide is not identical with the physical organism, but constitutes material which lies beyond the physical plane. It is therefore futile to free oneself from this organism. The problem is not a bodily matter. On the contrary, it is in all situations in its final result a mental or spiritual matter. The above-mentioned problem, this depression, will therefore still be experienced by the being whether he has his physical organism or not. The being will therefore, after suicide, perceive the death or unconsciousness he believed he would achieve by means of suicide does not exist at all. He still has his mentality intact and will consequently also still be bound to his depression, bleak thoughts and dark fate.

By freeing himself from his physical organism, which is his basic tool for manifesting and experiencing on the physical plane, he has further exacerbated his situation, for he has now no further normal possibility of overcoming the physical inconveniences or hindrances in which he has involved himself and which were the cause of the suicide. He can only achieve this possibility again when he is once more incarnated in a physical organism and sometimes not until he has reached the age at which the suicide was committed.

The being who has committed suicide find himself still in the same bleak, dark condition of consciousness from which he can no longer free himself unaided. This will eventually lead him into the care of guardian angels who will then by means of suggestion free him from the dark layers of consciousness so that this side of his mentality will lie in a trance until in a future incarnation it will again unfold and then be overcome by the being on the physical plane. But the first period of its existence in the spiritual plane after suicide prevents him – because of the dark mental condition in which he is situated – from experiencing the otherwise normal light spiritual existence encountered by every being who has died a normal death and at the time of death does not find himself in any kind of dark mental layer.

This dark mental condition, which a being from the physical plane can bring with him through death into the spiritual plane and which for a time darkens the being's experience of this plane, is known as Purgatory. To commit suicide therefore invariably means Purgatory and can never in any case whatsoever mean freedom from the darkness which caused the suicide. All physical fate must be acted out and mastered on the physical plane. If it is not mastered or surmounted before one dies in this incarnation, one will meet it both physically and mentally in the next physical incarnation. And here this experience, according to its more or less dark nature, will to a corresponding degree become respectively a more or less pronounced hindrance for the being's acquisition of a light fate.

(Translation MMG)
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» Does suicide cause a dark fate?

Martinus November 06, 2009 04:27PM

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