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Are we met by relatives after the socalled "death"?

November 06, 2009 04:28PM
Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 5 – 1986:

A short time ago a male relative, whose wife had died about twelve years previously died himself. After the funeral I was told that there had been a clairvoyant present who said that he had seen the decease d's wife and my own deceased daughter receive the spiritual body. Can this be true?

Answer by Martinus (1950):

The spiritual body is not something one acquires at death. It is something one is already developing and using while living on the physical plane. Moreover, it is not a matter of one but, rather, five spiritual bodies in all, in addiction to the physical body by means of which the living being maintains a permanent, awake day-conscious life-experience. A beings's experience of lie is a combined interplay of six different basic energies released by the I through six corresponding different bodies for the basic energies. As long as the being is living on the physical or material plane, this interplay is concentrated in the physical day-consciousness which is borne by the physical body. During sleep this interplay is concentrated in one of the five other bodies which all have a spiritual or ray-formed nature. At death the being of course loses his physical body's brain and nerves. This is merely transferred to that one of the five spiritual bodies which is particularly mature and adapted to this purpose. This process of adapting and maturing occurs every night during physical sleep. With the loss of the physical body the being has thus lost only the capacity to perceive directly the purely physical or material influence which was previously transferred to his day-consciousness through the physical senses. But he can still experience every sort of release of energy which occurs in the form of thoughts. His existence after this is therefore no longer in a material world but, on the contrary, in a thought-world. His experience is exclusively what can be manifested by way of thoughts and creative processes in materials which lie outside the physical plane and which are therefore of a spiritual nature or the nature of consciousness.

While the being during physical sleep has only partially transferred his experience of life from his physical to his spiritual body, he can still react during sleep to strong physical influences (if the opposite were the case it would not be possible to wake someone from sleep), the transference at death is total. This total transference of the consciousness from the physical to the spiritual plane can be observed by a very strongly developed or perfect clairvoyant sight. But this total transference of the day-consciousness from the physical to the spiritual body causes this body to become as it were more materialised and so more visible. It is possible that it is this process the clairvoyant referred to saw. But as the account of such a clairvoyant sight cannot be verified by beings who do not have highly developed psychic abilities it, like all other unverifiable psychic, mediumistic or occult claims, should be accepted with very great reservation.
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» Are we met by relatives after the socalled "death"?

Martinus November 06, 2009 04:28PM

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