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What is meant by the word reedemer?

November 06, 2009 04:29PM
Question to Martinus quoted from Kosmos 5 – 1987:

In Martinus' analyses Jesus is often mentioned as a redeemer. May we have a more detailed explanation of what is meant by this word? The Church also uses the word to mean “saviour”, but in the sense that Jesus has redeemed us and atoned for our sins.

Answer by Martinus:
It is true that in my analyses I describe Jesus Christ as a world redeemer. When I perceive him so it is not on the same basis as that on which the religious or ecclesiastical authorities perceive him as a redeemer or saviour.
They believe, as we know, that Christ came to the world only in order to be crucified or punished for the sins which not he himself but people had committed. The same authorities thus believe that each human being, by virtue of this crucifixion, can be freed from punishment for the sins of the evil they have committed towards their fellow beings and thereby come into the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven thereby becomes no more than a zone or a domicile for beings who have all run from their responsibility by letting an innocent being suffer for the evil they themselves have committed and for which they themselves ought to have take the punishment. But the kingdom of heaven cannot possible be a state of well-being, happiness and glory which one has appropriated for oneself through the ill-treatment, crucifixion and death of an innocent being. The kingdom of heaven cannot be a blessing that can be appropriated by virtue of a method so glaringly low and immoral that it becomes analogous to the methods which, in the judicial system, one describes as a crime and punishes with death. And the Godhead cannot be so low and wretched a representative of justice and, in addiction, so bloodthirsty that, in order to forgive the beings their sins at all (with which incidentally he himself has created them), he insists on seeing the crucifixion, the suffering and the death of an innocent being. Is it no easy to see here why Christianity is depopulated and people gradually become doubters, become Godless, become materialists as intellectuality grows? It is here that world-redemption in the twentieth century has stepped in and will redeem or free people from the religious world-picture which is now so strongly promoting irreligiousity, as well as from the ensuing godless, materialistic world picture and thereby lead mankind forward to the ultimate natural balance between its physical and psychic knowledge. It is this balance that is the only way to initiation, to cosmic consciousness, spiritual liberation or sovereignty and its ensuing mental fusion with the Godhead or the consciousness of the universe which makes a being one with the Father. And through spiritual science this balance, and thereby world-redemption, will promote mankind out of the zone of hate, war and suffering forward to the sunlit existence of absolute peace, forward to a kingdom of heaven which is exclusively maintained on the basis of total neighbourly love and not on the condition that other beings languish in bodily maltreatment, crucifixion, scorn and derision, suffering and death for sins they have never committed.

Mankind has now in the twentieth century come into a mental crisis which threatens the complete destruction of culture, since people, by virtue of their excessive physical talents but almost total lack of physic talents, cannot themselves find means or ways to salvation other than excessive, life obliterating, culture-destroying means. They therefore make the creation of lethal weapons, and thereby a greater and greater capacity to destroy culture, the highest ideal. They do not understand that they thereby sink further and further into suffering and ruin. War cannot save the world. It is not so much lethal weapons that people need as a change of heart. Without this change it would not be very many years before the earth would be totally unsuitable for human culture and existence. But, thanks to the principle of world-redemption, that principle of love which makes it a condition that parents must protect their offspring until they have come of age also makes it a condition that mankind gets a certain protection until it has spiritually come of age. Throughout this principle, mankind will be led forward to liberation from this hell and its satanic philosophy of murder, which it itself maintains, just as, in all its previous mental crises in its history, it has been freed. These crises have always repeated themselves in periods when the current moral concepts of the perception of the godhead has been outlived or become antiquated, because of the being's intellectual development. The leading cultural concepts could gradually only be felt as naïve. The beings become more or less amoral. Faced with this fact, they had no other means than the law of the jungle, “the right of the strongest”. Every time the religious basis became insecure this jungle-nature experienced a new renaissance or growth. But when people's need was greatest, help was closest at hand. World-redemption stepped unshakably in. And there was always born a being with precisely the psychic gifts and knowledge that were needed to renew the crisis-striken people's spiritual basis to such an extent that they could pull themselves out of the grasp of the jungle and be led further into this new increase of culture. The being who was thus born was, of course, a being who was ahead of terrestrial people in the long evolutionary journey in the spiral cycle and had thereby long ago become superior to them in those fields in which they were still less gifted and helpless. It is such beings we know from the history of mankind as “world-redeemers”. It is these beings who were originally kings, high priests and prophets. They liberated people from their antiquated dogmas and traditions by giving them new ones more in keeping with the times. -for the people of the west, Christ was, in his time, the greatest world-redeemer. Through him there was manifested a spiritual line of direction so great that it can never be outdone. In it, all the generations of the Earth will therefore also be blessed. And it is the completion of this process that is happening through the world-redemption of the twentieth century: with this the mission of world-redemption on Earth will be completed. Through this last great release of this divine principle every terrestrial human being can himself gradually reach initiation, which is the coming of age of spiritual maturity. He has himself become the way, the truth and the life. And there, where he can shine with his own light, all other sources of light are superfluous.

(Translation MMG)

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» What is meant by the word reedemer?

Martinus November 06, 2009 04:29PM

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