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Questions concerning homosexuality, marriage, caressing and contraception

October 28, 2011 12:22PM
Question 1:
"There is someone here who says that you write that homosexuality can lead to mental illness, but surely people who are very loving and are a long way towards the state of being double-poled will not become mentally ill."

"I have never written that homosexuality can lead to mental illness. I have written that homosexuality is a natural state (note 1).

We all have in us two poles, but when we began as ape-men, the opposite pole, that is to say the feminine pole in the man and the masculine pole in the woman, was latent. That is why the masculine pole in men and the feminine pole in women is the one that dominates. But the opposite pole grows in pace with evolution, and this is what causes the human being to develop into a true human being. The fact that you are all sitting here listening to me and are interested in these things, is not due to your ordinary pole but the opposite pole, that is, the masculine pole in women and the feminine in men.

Each of these two poles has its centre, one in the brain and one in the sexual organs. They are in the process of growing until one day they come into balance. When the feminine and the masculine poles have become equal, the human beings will be cosmically conscious. It will no longer be bound to the animal kingdom; it will be able to love independently of gender, also members of its own sex.

For many centuries the term homosexuality has had a terrible undertone, with the result that people who feel that they have a tendency to be fond of their own sex do not dare to admit it. They could be punished for it. And consequently homosexuals became hemmed in and this gave rise to many excesses and perversions. For example there are men that are exaggeratedly feminine. They walk with a mincing gait and wear makeup. It is perfectly clear that such exaggerated behavior causes people to have an odd impression, and homosexuality then ends up meaning that it is to do with perverse people and such like – and it is not!

The true, normal homosexual human being is highly evolved. They demonstrate double love. Why are homosexuals fond of their own sex? It is perfectly natural, and human beings will not arrive at that point until the opposite pole reaches the brain, and they begin to be just as conscious in this pole as in the ordinary pole. All human beings are conscious in their ordinary pole, men in their masculine pole and women in their feminine pole. The ordinary pole in the beings is the one that promotes marriage and everything that has to do with offspring. If the opposite pole had not developed in human beings, they would still to this day be apes or primitive animals. It is the growth of the opposite pole that raises the being, and it also demands sexual satisfaction.

What is sexuality? What is this divine sense of pleasure that is the very highest sense of pleasure that exists at all? It is nothing other than the spirit of God. But the spirit of God is adapted so that in animals and equally in humans it is experienced at the culmination of the act of mating or intercourse. The spirit of God gives rise to this sense of pleasure and God uses it to keep the animal kingdom and mankind in hand. What would animals have to look forward to if they were without their act of mating? Were it not for the act of mating we would no longer hear birdsong (note 2). And what about human beings? They would be bored stiff if they did not get… (drowned in laughter).

But a great change is about to take place, because the opposite pole is growing in human beings. The Earth is a globe that is about to become fully evolved, and human beings will also after a few lifetimes become fully evolved. And it is therefore no surprise that there are many who are beginning to become conscious in their opposite pole. All fields that lie outside the interest in marriage, that is to say intellectuality, science, spiritual interests etc. have their roots in the opposite pole. So why should human beings begin to feel sympathy for their own sex when they end up being conscious in the opposite pole? But that is not so extraordinary! When a man's feminine pole grows and reaches the brain, and he become conscious in it, he, just like a woman, begins to feel sympathy for men. And when a woman becomes conscious in her masculine pole, she, just like a man, begins to feel sympathy for women.

This new state is not something that will last. It will last only as long as the poles are not in balance. Once the poles have become totally in balance the human beings will have become fully evolved human beings (note 3).

"But what about sexuality?" people say, "will it come to an end?" "No it will increase many times over! You don't have to worry!" (great laughter and amusement) But it will be purer in nature. So what will this sexuality be like? We can begin to see it already now. Many years ago I saw a film that showed for the first time the long kiss. They kept on kissing each other for a long time. It wasn't something that we were accustomed to seeing, but it has now become completely the custom. What is happening is that this state of being double-poled is causing the organism to become very sensitive. It is an enormously pleasurable feeling for many people to be caressed, isn't it? It is also for me. It feels lovely to me to greet people. It is a very pleasurable sensation.

If you have a look at pornographic pictures and such like, they look terrible. So what is it that one sees, if one has at least a little knowledge? One sees that a great sexual sensitivity is developing in the organism. This sexual sensitivity will spread to the whole body. It will not go on being just a feeling through a penis acting as drops bottle, as it is at present in animals and unfinished human beings (laughter).

Once human beings become double-poled, in other words finished human beings in God's image, they will no longer feel jealous, they will all be happy for one another. The sexuality that will then exist will be the living God's spirit, and it will be enjoyable to meet one another. Human beings will no longer use contraceptives or all those terrible things that they now use. They have been invented by people, and they are a terrible mistake (note 4).

Extraordinary things will result from their use in several years, once they have become widespread. Providence has provided the natural and direct road by giving human beings enormous sensitivity in the body. Many women have been happy to caress one another, and many men are also happy to caress one another. And men and women can also caress one another.

Many human beings are now at the stage where they don't want to get married. They don't want to be tied and they don't want to have children. They are not suited to having children. They would very much like to have sexual intercourse but from the cosmic point of view they have no right to. They have every right to have the sexual enjoyment, because that is divine, but the technique used by animals only exists in order that the seed can reach the female and be planted in her. It is a technique that is degenerating, and it has already degenerated so much in many men and women that they can no longer have sexual intercourse. The way evolution is going in the future will lead human beings to caress one another (note 5).

They will be so sensitive in their bodies that they will be sexually satisfied through caressing without using any of these terrible methods, and they will not have a guilty conscience afterwards. Neither will there be women who are overweight and who have blood clots as a result of having taken contraceptives.

We also have the other "appliances", the most benign of which are probably these "rubber things", condoms and pessaries. But I have to say that using them is also an infringement of the laws of life. So it is completely natural that there will be human beings that don't want to get married and don't want to have children and to live as a family. It is a sign that they have grown out of the animal consciousness.

People have not been given any teaching about human sexuality, and consequently they believe that there is no other way. It has been the custom for thousands of years that women should lie with their legs apart and that the man should have it that way (much laughter). But it is absurd to believe that that is the only way to salvation. When they begin to caress one another in this other way, there will be no limit to what they can get up to… (Martinus is drowned out by an enormous burst of laughter). Alright it perhaps sounds crazy, but it is true. It is all based on love.

But this is not the case with contraceptives. Young women have now discovered that as long as they use contraceptives they can go in search of men, in the same way that men in their time went in search of women. And what is the result? Often children are born despite using contraceptives. I can see that there is nothing wrong with young people moving in together and being happy to live together. One cannot criticize them for it; it is better that they do that than that they form a marriage where they are going to have to go through a divorce. But they should not have children in such a relationship. Who is going to look after the children if the parents split up from each other and enter into a relationship with new partners? The state will have to do so, and it will also be prepared to do so. There are now many people who are beginning to train to be child-carers and such like. We will rely on them in the future. Providence knows all too well what is coming. Providence is far ahead of human beings (note 6).

What I have said can perhaps sound severe, but I hope that you can understand it. It is all about love. What possible reason can there be that a man and a woman who love one another should use such a technique that is so dangerous and that violates their organism and that goes against the laws of Nature? It is not unthinkable that these people have a very lovely and large consciousness and perhaps the beginnings of cosmic consciousness. Once they eventually reach the point where they can sense the other pole and become so-called double-poled or homosexual they have to use the caressing method anyway because they cannot now use the intercourse method.

I admit that customs going back thousands of years are not easy to change. But it is easier than you think, and Providence can help you with it. But it is not for everyone. One has to remember that there are human beings that are happy to have children and live in a marriage.

I am thinking of the thousands or millions of young people, especially here in the North and in other parts of Europe, who to a degree accept things as they are and use millions of these appliances and things and new inventions that the adverts entice people to use. For some people it can in the worst case mean that they loose their ability to obtain the enjoyment of God's spirit, the great sensation of pleasure. People perhaps say regarding the use of a pessary or a spiral: "It doesn't matter". But it does matter! Perhaps not so much for the physical body, but for the mentality. One has to remember that around the sexual act there is a great spiritual structure that can be damaged through being misused. One cannot play with it. But we should not criticize people; they are unaware of these things. It has all happened so suddenly.

Life is lovely, just as long as we understand to enjoy it in the right way. And it can be enjoyed without having to use all the many different forms of contraception.

One has to admit that human beings have bound themselves into fates that they will have to live out. But there is a divine power in prayer, which people bring with them into this world and that works whether one believes in it or not. Just think, we have been born with such a power. It is the greatest magical power that exists. We can pray whenever we need help, and we can also pray for help to avoid contraceptive pills and that rubbish. What possible reason can there be for people making such things? Everything like that is an infringement of the sixth commandment."

Question 2: "So what would be the ideal form of contraception?"

"You don't need to use any appliances; you can do it to each other with your hands and with other forms of caress. That is the natural way. Those who do not find this gives any satisfaction will have to use the other way, but its purpose is still to have children (note 7).

If you do not want to have children, why should you use a method or a technique that is dangerous? Why should you battle against Nature? If we battle against our eyes and begin the habit of closing them for most of the day, because we think we should save our eyesight, our eyes will become weakened. If we do not go for walks and use our legs we will end up with poor legs. If we bind our arm firmly to our side, it will also become weakened. If we begin to block the cosmic forces in the sexual structure, it will be damaged. Human beings cannot see this but I hope that I can bring it to your attention and show you how it works."

1. Homosexuality as a natural state. Quote: "There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It is something that human beings do not have any control over. All human beings will become homosexual. There are no exceptions." ("The new culture", Kosmos 3/2004, §11)

In "Intellectualized Christianity" §32, Martinus answers the question, "What is homosexuality?" with the following words: "It is the beginning of a perfected completion of God's creation of the human being in his image after his likeness" (see also "Intellectualized Christianity §35).

In addition see §41.29 "The homosexual or double-poled human being and the ordinary human being" in the article "Marriage and universal love" in Collected Articles 1.

See also LB5 §1880-1921, Two Kinds of Love chapter 52 and the article "World salvation" in Kosmos 12/2002

2. See for example LB5 §1670 or 1778.

3. See for example LB5 §1900-1909, Intellectualized Christianity §32-36 or the article "The new culture": "The state in which human beings love their own sex is not a state that will last, it is a transitional state between the animal and the true human being. It is therefore only temporarily that human beings will love their own sex, as eventually there will not be two different sexes. The two sexes will become one. The man will become a human being and the woman will become a human being – a human being in God's image." (Kosmos 3/2004)

4. Regarding contraception, see for example LB4 §1452-1489

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6. See also LB4 §1480-1482

7. On the sexual act, read for example DEV 4, symbol 34, "The act of mating".

These answers by Martinus has been translated from an article in Kosmos nr. 8 – 2009. The article has been written from a tape recorded at a relaxed the-party July 1973 in the garden of ”Villa Rosenberg” where Martinus stayed when he was in Klint during the summer.
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